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Since then, many  more important items have been loaned to the museum over the years from the RAF Museum Reserve Collection and these new items give us a better insight into equipment that was developed during World War 1 and through the '20s and '30s, an area not adequately covered by the original museum collection. There were also more items from World War 2 to fill gaps in the collection making it much more comprehensive for that important period in RAF electronic developments. New items included a Stirling Spark Transmitter from World War 1 and a very nice Receiver Type TF and a Transmitter Type T21C from the early 1920s. There is also a Transmitter/Receiver Type TR9J from the late '30s and early WWII, a Receiver Type R1082 from the '30s and after a long search, the matching Transmitter Type T1083 from a private donor. One very nice item is a Cabinet Type 20 containing a T1154/R1155 complete station and this was used on an Air Sea Rescue Launch. 

In 1999, a new home was needed for the small collection of radio and electronic memorabilia from the defunct museum attached to No. 1 Radio School at RAF Locking. The Commandant at RAF Henlow at that time, Air Commodore Mike Davison, had in previous years also been the Commandant at Locking and was keen for the collection to find a home, preferably at Henlow which has had good links with radio, radar and electronics for many years. Mike recruited S/Ldr Howard Newbould to implement his idea and as the former Roman Catholic Church at Henlow was not in use, this building was allocated to the project and in due course several packing cases arrived, were duly unpacked and this formed the basis of what can be seen today. At the same time the museum received a generous donation of surplus equipment from the RAF Museum Reserve Collection which was moving from nearby RAF Cardington to RAF Stafford. Other exhibits have been donated or loaned by other RAF units and enthusiastic individuals. 

How the Museum began

Paul Hawkins with the ex-Dorchester GPO SWB8E TransmitterKev Staley, Dave Thompson and Alf Fisher operating  Vintage Equipment on Bomber Command Memorial DayBob Palmer operating GB4SMH on Churches and Chapels on the Air Weekend

After many years of restoration, the final piece was fitted to our SWB8. Read the story  

In commemoration of the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial in London, the museum went live on air with the restored T1509

Our Amateur Radio Station, GB4SMH went on air for Chapels and Churches on the Air for the first time, signing as St Michael’s Henlow. The former occupiers of our building was the Station’s

Catholic Church!

Original equipment arrives from

RAF Locking

The Museum takes part in Museums on the Air for the first time, our Callsign - GB4SMH

GB4 Signals Museum Henlow

June 2000

June 2000

November 1999

RAF Henlow - 90 Years Old

Memorable events

RAF Henlow is the Home of the RAF Signals Museum

This Museum attempts to tell the story of RAF Signals. It is hoped visitors and signallers past, present and future can see something of the heritage upon which the Museum specialisation has been built. Whichever category you, the visitor falls into, we hope you will find your visit both interesting and informative.

Typical Air Traffic Centre used during and after WW2

A view of the 1940’s Air Traffic Control equipment


December 2011

June 2012

September 2014

The Museum is located at

RAF Henlow,Bedfordshire

- Henlow, the FUTURE -

Marconi HR24 Dual Diversity Receiver rack used for long distance FSK or SSB transmissions, 1960s or 1970s

Marconi Type HR24

Diversity Receiver

The Y Service display with RCA AR88, National HRO and Hallicrafters SX27 Receivers

The “Y” Service Receiver Room

Howard Newbould and Vic Ludlow checking out the T1131 VHF Transmitter

Howard Newbould and Vic Ludlow setting up the T1131 VHF Transmitter

Sqn Ldr Howard Newbould RAF

Founder of the

RAF Signals Museum

Air Commodore Mike Davison officially opens the Signals Museum

Cabinet Type 20

Cabinet Type 20 fitted with T1154 and R1155 as used in High Speed Rescue Launches in WW2

High Speed Rescue Launch

On the Air with our Amateur Radio Station


On all Open Days

Often with Vintage equipment!

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The Signals Museum RAF Henlow Visiting Us

The Museum opens to visitors on the first Saturday of every month, except January.  

Visitors may call 07778837263

On the day before visiting if information is needed.


With the threat of the closure of RAF Henlow which has now been put back to 2025, we will remain open until at least mid 2024 we hope. Hopefully, we will re-locate to a new venue, although, nothing is finalised. We are now also in Partnership with Duxford Radio Society, formerly located at IWM Duxford, so some of our displays will be changing.

See our Collection as photographed by Colin Hinson for his


Radar Pages

EARLIER NEWS = Our involvement with the

film, The Imitation Game

WE WILL NEXT BE OPEN ON August 6th,from 10am till about 3pm. We may be in a bit of a pickle as we are adiing new items and changing some of the layout but don't let this put you off! We hope we will see you there, next week, or any other first Saturday of the coming months!